ℹ️ General FAQ
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What's the goal of this project?

Our goal is to democratize powerful trading tools, and expand economic inclusion around the world.
We have witnessed how democratizing crypto-assets can create new opportunities like fundraising (ERC-20), tokenized investments (cToken), and so much more.
Issuing futures used to be the job of centralized organizations with very high barriers to entry. But with Perpetual Protocol, we lower the barrier of issuing futures by orders of magnitude. Compared to centralized exchanges or other protocols like Synthetix and FutureSwap, there are several properties unique to Perpetual Protocol:
  • The AMM model is suitable for low liquidity futures because of built-in liquidity, allowing trading of long-tail assets.
  • Trading volume is not bound by funds in a staking pool.
  • Stakers have no exposure to impermanent loss caused by price fluctuation, which insulates stakers from fluctuation in the price of the underlying assets.
  • Oracles are not used to determine prices while trading, which minimizes the risk of price manipulation (ex. front running).
In the theory of disruptive innovation, a much cheaper way to reconstruct an expensive product wins and creates more use cases. This is our goal for Perpetual Protocol.

Where is the team based?

Our team is decentralized. Team members and advisors are located across Asia-Pacific, North America, and the EU.

Virtual Automated Market Makers (vAMMs)

Is there only one Virtual AMM shared among all the perpetual contracts on Perpetual Protocol?

No, each perpetual contract requires its own unique Virtual AMM with different settings. However, the insurance fund is shared among all vAMMs.

Where can I find stats or a dashboard?

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