Marketing FAQ

Is there a referral program?

Yes! Perpetual Protocol is currently running an early version of our referral program. Watch our Twitter for announcements or get more details:

Is #PERPtogether the same as the referral program?

No, #PERPtogether is a separate program run directly by the Perpetual Program team using Pool Together on xDai. In #PERPtogether, all traders on the platform will receive pPERP according to their trading volume, up to a maximum of 20 pPERP / week. These pPERP can then be staked on Pool Together (xDai) for a chance to win $500 in PERP! 10 winners are chosen each week.

Set gas price to 1 gwei!

#PERPtogether runs on xDai where fees are crazy low.

#PERPtogether pool

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