Perpetual Protocol
PERP Staking FAQ
Staking is live! Details here ๐Ÿ‘‰ Stakingโ€‹

How many transactions are needed to stake?

  1. 1.
    Approve PERP to be used by the staking contract
  2. 2.
    Stake PERP in the staking contract

How can I check if my PERP are staked?

Copy your address and go to Etherscan. After searching for your address, look in the Erc20 Token tab:
You should see sPERP enter your account, and PERP exit (into the staking contract).

Is the staking APR affected by the PERP exchange rate?

No, the staking APR only shows how much your staked PERP will increase in absolute (nominal) terms. PERP exchange rate does not affect APR in this case.

Why is the amount of PERP staked different on Etherscan?

Staked PERP on VS
The number of staked PERP on does not include PERP already in cool-down, whereas does not make this distinction.

Is the Staking Pool shared by all Virtual AMMs?

Yes, the Staking Pool is shared by all Virtual AMMs.

How long is the cool-down time for stakers?

Staking is flexible and can be done for any amount of time. A 7 cool down period applies when you begin the unstaking process. The length of the epoch can be adjusted through governance.

Are rewards vested?

Some PERP rewards will be vested after 6 months. See Staking for more details.
Vesting means tokens are locked. When tokens are locked, they belong to you, but you will only be able to access tokens after a fixed period.

What risks are involved in staking?

The primary risk is exposure to volatility due to the 7 day cool-down period -- if the price of PERP changes in relation to other assets, you will be unable to swap it before the end of the cool-down.

Is there impermanent loss (IL) for stakers on Perpetual Protocol?

In general, staking on Perpetual Protocol does not expose you to IL (impermanent loss) because you are staking a single asset. You can always withdraw the same number of PERP as you initially staked. However, due to the cool down period, the PERP token price may change before you are able to claim your tokens.

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