❎ Where to get xDAI

You will need xDAI for paying gas fees on the xDai chain

xDai Native UI Launched! 🚀

Native xDai allows users to trade while using Metamask with a Trezor or Ledger connected.

To use so, you will need to have xDAI for paying gas fees. Don't worry - gas fees on xDai are typically in the range of 0.00005 USD! Yes, that's 4 zeros.

Obtaining xDAI

Read on for several ways to receive xDAI for gas fees.

1. From a Faucet

Request some xDai from anyone of the following faucet - xDai faucet, Blockscount's faucet, or Bao Finance's xDai faucet.

2. On Ethereum

Bridge DAI to xDai at this link. You will need to have DAI first. You can learn more here.

3. From the team

Ask the team or mods for xDAI in their Discord server or Telegram channel.

4. From a CEX

A. Buy xDAI directly from AscendEx (formerly Bitmax) and withdraw directly to your wallet.

B. Buy DAI on Binance and withdraw via BSC

Suggested custom gas prices

BSC: 5 Gwei (or 10, if you encounter issues) xDai: 1 Gwei

  1. Withdraw DAI to BSC (Binance Smart Chain)

  2. Set Metamask to BSC

  3. Use the bridge to send DAI to xDai Note: The bridge will warn you that DAI will not be converted to the native token - this is normal.

  4. Set Metamask to xDai

  5. Swap DAI (BSC) for WXDAI using Component​

  6. Swap WXDAI to xDAI using Honeyswap​

5. Using fiat

You can buy xDAI with fiat via Ramp.