😷 Troubleshooting FAQ

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Metamask's 'Speed up' function

Aka I deposited but it's stuck and refresh doesn't work

We are working on supporting the 'Speed up' function automatically. For now, please reset manually:

  1. Go to perp.exchange and click Ctrl + Shift + i (ie. open Chrome DevTools)

  2. Click the Application tab

  3. Click https://perp.exchange/ in the Local Storage section

  4. Use the filter to search for hash, then press Clear All đŸšĢ

  5. Close DevTools and refresh the site using ctrl-F5 or cmd-shift-r on Mac

Metamask + Hardware wallet

Aka How can I withdraw USDC tokens from xDai Network to Ethereum Mainnet?

Aka I deposited funds but they are not showing on the perp.exchange interface.

Hardware wallet support is coming soon. We are testing Ledger support now. Trezor will follow. For now, please move your funds to a Metamask account that does not have a hardware wallet connected.

  1. Send the funds to a new Metamask account that is not connected to a hardware wallet:

    1. Setup your Metamask wallet so that it can operate on xDai Network.

    2. Ask us for some xDAI in Discord, or convert DAI to xDAI at bridge.xdaichain.com​

    3. Switch Metamask to the xDai network


    4. Add a new custom token with the address 0xDDAfbb505ad214D7b80b1f830fcCc89B60fb7A83


    5. You should now see your USDC in your original Metamask account

    6. Create a new Metamask account -- do not connect a hardware wallet

    7. Send the USDC from the original account to the new Metamask account -- don't forget to set the gas fee to 1 Gwei! Gas fees on xDai are very low.

    8. Switch Metamask to the Ethereum mainnet.


    9. Go to perp.exchange and connect the new account. Your funds will be seen by the exchange and you will be able to place trades.

Still need help? Open a ticket with us on Discord by typing -ticket in any of our public channels!

Want to move your funds back to Ethereum instead? You can do so using the xDai Omni Bridge. Note that Omni Bridge charges a bridge fee (currently 0.05%).

Why aren't hardware wallets supported?

Key takeaway: Hardware wallet support is being worked on and is coming soon.

To give users a smooth trading experience and zero gas fees for trades, we leverage a meta transaction bridge built by Biconomy to pass transactions from Ethereum to the xDai network. Using the typical signing method, Metamask and other wallets will give an error due to Ethereum and xDai having different chain IDs. To get around this, we use Ethereum ethSign(). However, this signing method is not directly supported by most hardware wallets, including Ledger and Trezor.

Work on Ledger support has been completed and is currently in testing. Trezor support is more challenging and we are exploring options, including offering a native xDai interface where signing transactions on different chains will no longer be an issue and any wallet can be used.

Why does xDai charge a 0.05% exit fee when withdrawing?

The bridge fee or exit fee is charged by the xDai Omni Bridge when moving funds from xDai to Ethereum. This is a standard fee charged by Omni Bridge. Currently the bridge covers Ethereum gas fees for all transfers, regardless of gas price, so we think it's not a bad deal overall!