Governance Plan

Near-term (~3 Months After Mainnet)

For Improvement Proposals will be the main place to propose and discuss the pros and cons of new ideas in the foreseeable future.

For Governance

Due to the nascency of the protocol and the importance of iterating fast in the early days, team members of the Perpetual Protocol will make most of the decisions in this timeframe until we have an on-chain governance portal ready for all the PERP holders. That being said, we’ll take the community’s feedback into consideration before making any decision, and we’ll share our rationale behind a decision in this forum as well.

For Software Development

Currently, we do not have a technical documentation for external developers to reference and implement the proposed ideas themselves. As such, in this and next stage, the PP team will be the main developers to modify/add functionality to PP’s smart contract in accordance with the passed improvement proposals and deploy the modified code to the Ethereum mainnet.

Mid-term (~6 Months After Mainnet)

Here is a list of things we should have in place at this stage:

  • An improved and comprehensive technical documentation that allows builders to tinker with our system and build something useful on top of the protocol themselves

  • A well-running developer grant, bug bounty, and smart contract-based referral program established

  • An on-chain governance portal for stakers to vote on proposals and propose new proposals with their staked PERPs

  • Allow stakers to delegate their voting right to other people

The proposal that stakers vote on in this stage will be at a higher level as opposed to executable code. The major implementation and the deployment of the smart contracts will still be done by the Perpetual Protocol team.

Long-term (~9 Months After Mainnet)

Here is a list of things either the community or we should have built at this point:

  • A compensation guideline to incentivize tech-savvy community members to turn the high-level ideas on the forum into executable code

  • A reward program set up to encourage people to 1) deploy the smart contract after the proposal is passed, 2) run keeper bot to provide better user experience for the traders, and 3) run a mirror governance portal themselves

The proposal that stakers vote on in this phase will be executable code only (similar to Compound’s current governance model ) and the actual implementation and the deployment of the smart contracts can be done by literally anyone – even the ones without holding any PERP tokens.