PERP Tokens


PERP is Perpetual's native protocol token and issued by Perpetual DAO.

Token Name

Perpetual Protocol Token

Token Ticker


Token Type


Initial Supply


Max Supply


Use Cases

  • Governance Once PERP token holders have staked their tokens, they can then use their staked PERP tokens to vote on or propose new ideas that can be used to improve the Perpetual Protocol. Before the on-chain governance voting platform is ready for PERP token holders, core protocol contributors will guide critical decisions. We think it’s important to keep governance nimble in the early days of the Perpetual Protocol. You can learn more about the governance plan here.

  • Staking PERP holders can lock-up, or “stake,” their PERP for a fixed amount of time to the Staking Pool. In return, stakers are rewarded with staking rewards. You can learn more about how staking works here.

PERP Distribution

  • 7,500,000 PERP tokens: Balancer LBP.

  • 36,000,000 PERP tokens: Team and advisors.

  • 6,250,000 PERP tokens: Binance Labs, invested in the development of the Perpetual Protocol approximately 2 years ago.

  • 22,500,000 PERP tokens: Strategic investors to the extent they fully exercise their rights to purchase PERP tokens.

  • 77,750,000 PERP tokens: Ecosystem and rewards, which will benefit traders, stakers, and developers who participate in the Perpetual Protocol ecosystem. As Perpetual Protocol transits to community governance, the Perpetual Protocol community will make all decisions regarding the distribution of ecosystem rewards.

The total PERP token supply will be 150,000,000 and future governance can decide to mint more tokens.

PERP Release Schedule (Exclude Ecosystem and Rewards)

Above is the overall PERP token release schedule without Ecosystem and Rewards.

  • Balancer LBP: No lockup.

  • Team and advisors: Team begins vesting its tokens 6 months after the mainnet launches, and quarterly for the following 30 months.

  • Seed and strategic investors: Seed and strategic investors begin vesting their tokens right after the launch of Perpetual Protocol on the Ethereum mainnet (25%), then quarterly for the next 12 months.

  • Ecosystem and Rewards: Before transition to community governance, 10% of these PERP tokens are unlocked. After the community governance transition, all of them are unlocked.

Liquidity Mining

The best way to get PERP tokens is through liquidity mining. Liquidity mining will start from late September and all the transaction fees will have various rebates when you trade on Perpetual Protocol. Please see Liquidity Mining for more information.

Comparison with other projects

Below is a Google Spreadsheet with PERP’s new token distribution and also comparing to other recently launched IDO projects. Token Distributions of Related Projects