Referral Program


The Referral Program has entered phase 2!
If you have a referral code, go to the dashboard to sign up with your web3 address. Note: Sign up using the web3 address you plan to use for trading. You will be able to use PERP staking to increase rewards caps, so be sure to also use an address you intend to stake with.
To encourage influencers and prominent DeFi community members to help with promotion, Perpetual Protocol has launched a referral program.
⚠️ Perpetual Protocol retains the right to update program rules to prevent abuse at any time.
Program duration
Program goal
The referral program runs on a weekly basis, and rewards are paid out weekly. The Perpetual Protocol team will reassess the program in January 2022 to evaluate performance.
Increase daily active users (DAU).

Join as a referred trader

  1. 1.
    Get a referral code from a referral partner (see below).
  2. 2.
    Go to the referral dashboard and enter your code. You'll sign a transaction linking the code to your address. You'll need a tiny amount of xDAI for this. Or Entering your code using setReferralCode in this contract: 0xF1d5BA04a25A6D88c468af932BFe2B1e78db7B45. The address used to sign the transaction will be associated with the referral code you enter.
Trader rewards
Rewards and caps
PERP price basis
Any trader can register under a referral partners as a 'referred trader'.
As a referred trader, you are eligible for discounts on trading fees, paid in PERP weekly to your registered account.
Rewards are paid on xDai. This ensures we are able to reward all traders, no matter how big or small, every week, with zero cost to users.
Rewards are issued weekly:
  • Reward period: Sunday 0:00 to Saturday 23:59:59 (UTC)
  • Reward issuance: Monday (best effort basis)

Reward schedule

Rewards will gradually reduce to align with industry standards.
Month Trader rebate*
---------- ----------------
Aug-Sep 40%
Oct-Nov 25%
Dec-Jan 10%
*Based on trading fees, and paid in PERP

Reward caps

Caps are maximum rewards earnable per week, in USDC. You can increase your caps by staking PERP with the same address you use for trading. Keep in mind rewards are paid in PERP.
Staked PERP Reward cap (USDC)
------------- -------------------
0 200
100 500
1000 800
10000 1200
Rewards are calculated in USDC, and paid in PERP.
The PERP price will be calculated using 7-day TWAP for each weekly trading period.

Referral partners

The referral program is run in cooperation with referral partners. The goal of restricting referral partner sign ups is to increase potential earnings per partner, and thereby attract high-profile influencers in the trading and investment space to help promote the protocol.
Want to be a referral partner?
Please DM us on Twitter with a short introduction:
  • Your interest in Perpetual Protocol
  • Your community and reach
  • Brief info about yourself - are you a trader, investor, analyst ...?