Zero-gas Deposits
This campaign will initially run between May 21 and June 4, 2021. The performance of the campaign will be evaluated at that time, based on its effect on protocol daily active users and new user retention.

How it works

All deposits over 500 USDC on can be done without paying for gas. (Deposits less than 500 USDC can be performed by the trader paying for their own gas.) This means you can deposit from a wallet with 0 ETH balance!
A meta transaction tool from Biconomy is used to achieve this.
Due to limitations in Metamask and other wallets, hardware wallets are not compatible with zero-gas deposits at this time because of incomplete support for meta transactions.
Learn more about why deposits are needed: 📊 Why do I need to deposit?​


Gas for meta transactions will be paid for in partnership with Biconomy, using funds from the Perpetual DAO allotted for strategic partnerships.
During the initial trial run (May 21 and June 4, 2021), the campaign will provide gas for 1000 users to onboard.
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