🧑‍🔬 Trade on our testnet

Want to try Perpetual Protocol without risking your funds? Here's how!

Already know what you're doing? Go straight to the exchange: rinkeby.perp.exchange​

Better than testnet: come to our Discord and look for the #💁help channel. Click the icon for starting trading 100% free and we'll get you started!

Our testnet is actively used for testing -- expect to see bugs, errors and/or catastrophic loss of monopoly money.

Install Metamask

We currently support using the desktop Firefox or Chrome version of the Metamask wallet for interaction with the Perpetual Protocol perp.exchange interface.

Install Metamask here:

Receive testnet funds

Switch Metamask to the Rinkeby testnet.

Switch MetaMask to the Rinkeby testnet

Go to rinkeby.perp.exchange and connect your wallet in the upper right corner of the screen. Note only Metamask is supported at this time. Hardware wallets are currently not supported due to lack of support for the metatransactions.

Request USDT using the built in faucet on the left side of the screen.

Transfer funds to Layer 2

Funds must be transferred to the xDai layer 2 network to take advantage of our scaling features — funds remain 100% controlled by your private keys at all times.

Transferring funds via the following steps.

  1. Click Deposit ​

  2. Enter the amount you want to transfer ⚠️ You must deposit <500 USDT each time otherwise the transaction will fail due to the gas-free deposit feature not being active in testnet ​

  3. Approve the deposit of funds from Ethereum to xDai


  4. Approve the use of funds for trading on xDai


  5. Sign the transaction in Metamask -- Done!


Metamask will show a warning that you are signing a message that is not 'human readable'. This is necessary to move funds to the xDai network. Perpetual Protocol has been audited by independent audit firms Consensys and PeckShield (incremental audits) and is secure.

Start trading!

Choose the trading pair you'd like to trade.

Testnet supports ETH <-> USDT and BTC <-> USDT

Open a position. Choose Buy to open a long position, and Sell to open a short:

Choose BUY for longs and SELL for shorts

Enter the size of the position and choose the amount of leverage you want to use. The collateral needed will be calculated for you:

Choose position size and leverage multiplier

[Optional] Set the slippage tolerance. On testnet this is very unlikely to affect anything, but on mainnet if trading activity is high, slippage may be a factor you wish to consider.

Review the transaction and click Buy or Sell.



Congrats! You've opened your first position on the Perpetual Protocol xDAI testnet!