Perpetual Protocol
Transfer Funds to / from xDai
This document applies to the current mainnet version of Perpetual Protocol. Our current state of rapid development means details may be inaccurate or out of date.


The trading platform operates on the xDai layer 2 network to save you fees and increase the speed of trading. This requires moving funds to xDai (layer 2).
Your funds remain in the control of your own wallet at every point of your interaction with Perpetual Protocol.


There are many bridge options available and new bridges are launching all the time. Before using any bridge, be sure to research the safety of the bridge and do a search on Twitter or other places to ensure the bridge is safe and working well at the time you are about to use it.
Hop Exchange
xPollinate | Cross-Chain Transfer
xPollinate | Cross-Chain Transfer


You will need DAI on xDai to pay for gas. On xDai, DAI is called xDAI.
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