💱 Transfer Funds to / from xDai

This document applies to the current mainnet version of Perpetual Protocol. Our current state of rapid development means details may be inaccurate or out of date.


The perp.exchange trading platform operates on the xDai layer 2 network to save you fees and increase the speed of trading. This requires moving funds from Ethereum (layer 1) to xDai (layer 2), but don't worry, it's quick, secure and simple.

Your funds remain in the control of your own wallet at every point of your interaction with Perpetual Protocol. Perpetual Protocol never takes custody of your funds.

It is possible to manually transfer your funds from xDai back to Ethereum using xDai's Omni Bridge.

A fee may be applicable to funds moved from xDai to Ethereum, called an exit fee.

Deposit to xDai ⬆️​

Move funds from Ethereum (Layer 1) up to the xDai network (Layer 2).

  1. Click Deposit


  2. Enter the amount to deposit and click Next



  3. Approve the deposit in Metamask


  4. Approve the funds for use on the exchange platform


Metamask will show a warning that you are signing a message that is not 'human readable'. Perpetual Protocol has been audited by two independent audit firms, including incremental audits by PeckShield, so you can proceed with confidence.

Withdraw from xDai ⬇️​

Move funds from the xDai network back to Ethereum (Layer 1).

  1. Click Withdraw


  2. Enter the amount to withdraw


  3. Approve the action in Metamask


  4. The withdraw process will take a few seconds...


You've transferred your funds back to layer 1!